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Free Lab Analysis
As part of $499 license, MediKush will now include 2 FREE lab analysis of your flower, trim or extract and include a COA. $50 per sample after that. MediKush will rent the GemmaCert to qualified customers on a monthly basis for $500 all inclusive. (Deposit required). No strings attached - return anytime.
You can purchase GemmaCert for $6700 tax and shipping included. It comes with three holders and 3 years of service and warranty.

What is GemmaCert?

With the help of GemmaCert, you can determine the potency of your cannabis at home. Anyone can easily use this simple machine. It is connected with a digital app to control it with your smartphone and get a detailed assessment of the entire crop’s potency. GemmaCert will test THC and CBD as well as moisture content.

How GemmaCert works
It works on three basic principles.

Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Image Analysis

Machine Learning

It has a massive database of cannabis flower spectra including 15,000 HPLC and 600,000 spectral analyses that enables it to analyze your cannabis more efficiently.

GemmaCert Applications
It is mainly beneficial for five types of people.

Growers or Breeder

It helps them test the samples at their ease, with no time-consuming visits to laboratories, and no sample destruction. It identifies the level of potency of the crop instantly. Consistent testing will help growers select better performing cultivars, which in the end, will earn more income. Growers will quickly learn areas within their grow room that are underperforming based on lower test results.


Producers working with cannabis over a large scale can make great use of this GemmaCert device to test the sample of biomass and validate it for its price and specifications. It also saves time and money by reducing visits to labs and clinics. You can analyze the stability, consistency and potency of each cultivar at all steps of the process.

Healthcare Workers

The healthcare workers can take advantage of GemmaCert while treating their patients using proven science. It enables quick verification of cannabis potency. Some physicians prescribe small amounts of THC, the GemmaCert can test samples to ensure thresholds are within tolerance. It also ensures the correct dosage of medical cannabis is given to the patients.


Retailers can quickly double-check the cannabis specs with the suppliers. They can determine whether the labels glued on them are accurate or not. Gives out an impression of quality and honesty.


It may help the government in unnecessary product seizure by differentiating between hemp and cannabis. It can support quick decision making and reliability.

How to Get GemmaCert

If you want this fantastic device, GemmaCert, you can temporarily rent it for as long as you want. It will surely be an excellent investment on your behalf.

Contact MediKush office for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you're having confusion about the device, here are a few frequently asked questions.

GemmaCert will add a new tool to your arsenal. Constant testing throughout flower, with meticulous notes, overtime, will pinpoint harvest dates based on analysis. Helps grower select phenotypes based on quantitative analytics.

No, not at all you can use this device with great ease and with basic knowledge of cannabis plants that almost everyone has. It differentiates between hemp and cannabis as well so it proves to be a worthy investment in your cannabis gardening.

I’m gonna write down a few:

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • 100% Non destructive
  • 1 time investment
  • Boost profitability
  • Distinguish between hemp and cannabis
  • Portability
  • Limit liability

Yes obviously. If you do not want to have it permanently and need to use it for a shorter period of time, then you can rent it for yourself. It will save you a lot of money. In particular, hemp farmers can rent the GemmaCert during harvest season, and return it 3 months later.

It is quite simple. Just contact MediKush and review our rental contract agreement. Upon completion we mail the unit via Purolator.

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Make sure to write down your email address within your sample pack - and make sure to label all samples so we know what to mark them as.

Do you still have any technical questions or need help from GemmaCert?