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What is Rosin Press?

September 22,2020 by Admin Web

The cannabis world is magical in all its forms and hides in it countless opportunities that you can grasp and help humanity with the outcomes. With this article, you will learn a new and fresh technique to use cannabis to your advantage and possibly others’ well-being. 


So what exactly is rosin?


It is basically an extraction method from pure cannabis by applying heat and pressure. The whole process is extremely easy and does not require the use of any expensive ingredients or catalysts. Pretty cool, right? The popularity of Rosin is only increasing because, with much less work and expense, the final product is still amazing in quality and totally natural and potent. 


Also, the quantity of rosin that you obtain directly depends on the kind of cannabis you are using and also efficiency of the machine. 


Method to make Rosin


The making of rosin consists of some simple steps which are described below for your ease. 


  • Buy dry cannabis flowers from the market. These are the most preferred, and the best option to make rosin from. 
  • Get some parchment paper and place it in the device.
  • Apply as much pressure as you can on the dry flowers, and you will notice that the rosin will start extracting out of them. 
  • You will need a container to collect the Rosin that is being extracted. After collecting it, you may store it into a bottle. 
  • This is the simplest way to describe the method of extracting Rosin from your cannabis.


Why is Rosin preferred?


Rosin is gaining its popularity among the masses due to the fact that it’s organic, natural with no artificial preservatives. In other methods of obtaining rosin, Carbon dioxide or gases such as butane and propane may be used. As a result, the remains of these gases may be left in the final product making it unfit or impure to use. It is recommended to use a reliable rosin press to get the best quality rosin out of your cannabis.


What are the things that you do need to take care of while making your Rosin? 


You will need to pay attention to the temperature, pressure, and time. They all play their roles in making the perfect Rosin and need to be kept in mind for acquiring the best results possible.


1- Temperature


Temperature is the crucial factor in making good quality Rosin. The minimum temperature could be 190 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum recommended temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit. At higher temperatures, you will get the end product in a sap-like consistency whereas in lower temperatures you will obtain a viscous gel-like product.


2- Pressure


While most people might think that the higher the pressure, the better will be the extraction, science defies that. It is said that higher pressure doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the right amount of Rosin. So, that’s one thing you must not forget on your journey towards mastering the technique. There are different rosin press machines available in the Canadian market that offer a wide range of pressure and you can find the right one based on your needs.


3- Time


The time that it will take to extract Rosin may vary depending on the amount of material you choose and the pressure you apply. Try to be as patient as possible.


There are a number of different kinds of machines available in markets at the moment. Some of them include DIY heat plate kits, manual presses, hydraulic presses and some of them are electric rosin press machines. Before buying into any one of them keep in mind to keep the following things in mind.


It should be:


  • Portable

  • Occupies less space

  • No further accessories

  • Easy to use

  • Extracts a good amount of rosin from your cannabis.

So if you have decided to get yourself this amazing machine, don’t wait any further and simplify your life by getting one as soon as possible!

If you want to extract rosin from your home-grown cannabis then you can GET YOUR LICENSE to grow cannabis at home and you can enjoy extracting good quality rosin from your own cannabis plants. 



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