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How to grow healthy cannabis plants?

July 17,2020 by Admin Web

The legalization of cannabis plants for medicinal purposes in Canada has sparked an urge in many people to grow cannabis at home. Since the cultivation of homegrown cannabis is allowed to a certain extent, people are usually very intrigued to do so.


While some of them are interested in the process, a lot of them back off, thinking that the cultivation might be too costly, complicated, or time taking.  Take the plunge, we are here to help.


Growing at home allows complete control of all inputs that go into your garden.  


Now there are numerous factors that you need to keep in mind to grow your cannabis.  Here is a brief rundown



Like all other plants and living things, sunlight plays a vital role in the growth and health of cannabis. Homegrown cannabis should be exposed to sunlight for over 12 hours out of 24 hours a day and from which it should be directly put under sunlight for 8 complete hours. 

You can also use indoor LED lights specifically made for this purpose in order to keep up with the plant's requirements. 



There Are many options when it comes to selecting a growing medium. The most common and widely used growing medium would be soil. However, others such as Rockwool and Coco have become very popular. We recommend starting with a basic soil medium and expanding from there once comfortable with the lifecycle of the plant.


3. AIR:

Like all other plants, the gaseous exchange is essential for the healthy growth of cannabis, and that is why it requires fresh moving air. Indoors you can control this problem with exhaust fans. A still environment gives way to the plants' weak growth and makes them vulnerable to pests and moulds. 



Water is one of the most fundamental growth factors of plants and needs to be closely monitored in terms of both, amount and pH. You need to water the plants at a specific time in a day and ensure that you’re not doing it too much or too little as both can lead to the death of cannabis.



Cannabis is known to be a robust plant that can survive well, but it cannot go through extreme temperature conditions. In extremely cold temperatures, it may freeze. Similarly, in sweltering temperatures, it may dehydrate to death. For that reason, the temperature needs to be moderated around 27 degrees Centigrade or 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.



Growing indoors, the temperatures tend to fluctuate depending on ventilation requirements, outside temperatures, airflow restriction.  Adequate airflow within an indoor grow room is crucial for success



The process itself is pretty simple and can be elaborated in the following few points. 


  • Soak the seeds in water, or you can use nutrient sprays until they germinate open, ready to be planted. 
  • Fill your pot with seedling soil, dig a hole, and place your seed in it.
  • Moisten the soil frequently with water.
  • Give the plant enough sunlight/ artificial light essential for its growth.
  • Usually, no nutrients are required at this point.


Now that you know all the necessities of a cannabis plant and the initial steps to grow, you can order your ACMPR grow license from and start growing yourself!!

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