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How does Gemmacert help to analyze your productivity?

July 17,2020 by Admin Web

GemmaCert is an innovative device designed precisely to test your cannabis and hemp at the comfort of your home, office or facility. This device saves you a lot of time that you may spend on sending your samples to an authorized lab or clinic.  It’s also small and portable and comes with a custom made travel case.


It has the world’s largest database reference of about 15,000 HPLC and 600,000 spectral analyses that enables it to analyze your cannabis more efficiently and effectively.

These have been collected from thousands of samples and analyzed over time so you can completely rely on it for accurate results.


There are majorly 3 technologies used in the device. 


  • Near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Image analysis 
  • Machine learning 


All three contribute to making this device an overall success and a source of increased productivity in the lives of cannabis growers.


Now comes the part where we will discuss the ways through which it increases productivity.


If we give it an unbiased look it has completely revolutionized the approach of cannabis growers. They can easily test their sample at the comfort of their home without relying on laboratories. This enables them to start working as soon as they can, without wasting their precious time.


If the growers choose to visit a laboratory they would have to wait a week or two for the report to come in their hands. But with GemmaCert, not anymore!! It shows you the report instantly through its digital user-friendly app or displays it on your desktop, making it extremely convenient.


Non-destructive testing has helped the GemmaCert gain much popularity over the past few months. As crushing and destroying the samples is not considered professional. It is also observed that through GemmaCert your cannabis sample is not destroyed even a bit, so people prefer it over formal testing.  You can consume the product after it has been tested.


Due to the accuracy and automated record keeping, the GemmaCert is a valuable tool for breeders looking to take their skillet to the next level.


It is extremely effortless to use and the device is portable so you can move it anywhere in your house or in your office with great ease. It also comes with a proper guide. You really don’t need to be a technical person to operate this device in order to test your samples.


This amazing device checks the THC, CBD and moisture content of the sample and therefore supports the quick decision-making ability of the grower and enhances reliability.


Concluding my thoughts, I would like to declare this wonderful device a great invention for the people who are serious about cannabis.  For the growers of cannabis, I would like to say, that it may prove to be a great one-time investment for your very own gardens. 


If you’re not interested in buying it, do not worry as I have got your back!! You can get this device on rent. I would suggest you to visit and complete the rental application form. They will let you know the rental prices according to the needs you have.


Stop guessing - Start testing


Jamie - 



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